Must Read Travel Blogs | Week 6
October 24, 2013
Image Must read women's travel blogs

At Girl Gone International we are privileged to meet, collaborate with and connect with 1000′s of incredible, inspirational women all over the world who live, work, travel, fall in love and live out their dreams far away from where we call ‘home’. While we are all on a journey and have many stories to share, a few of us decide to blog about our Girl Gone International lives. We want to celebrate the hard work of these bloggers so this new weekly feature will showcase some of the most well-written and exceptional travel and lifestyle blogs, where GirlGI’s share their incredible life changing experiences as well as useful tips for travel and living an international life.

In under 12 months our non-profit organisation has swelled to over 10,000 active members within our 22 global communities (20 more opening this year!). The first issue of our magazine has attracted over 100,000 readers, subscriptions to our GirlGI magazine are growing at an exciting pace, our social media reach is niche and powerful and we have many exciting developments up our sleeve, including the launch of our new website very soon. So if you are reading this and want to get involved or would like to let us know about your blog then just shout!

Under the Yew Tree

Image Must Read Travel Blog

Under the Yew Tree is a blog that addresses travel safety, something that we sometimes overlook in the excitement of the moment. When you’re off to a new country the happiness might override any caution. This blog is written by Yves, a Canadian girl who spent the better part of her Masters degree in Chile.

Yves concentrates on four main areas, food, travel, fashion and green living. Her most recent post looks at anti theft travel locks. As Yves rightly puts it, the travel lock can make or break your next vacation. It’s not something you want to think about, but neither is having your passport, phone or wallet stolen. Check this this and many other posts to brush up on travel security before your next globe trotting getaway.

Follow Yves on Twitter as @UnderTheYew

Mindful Travel

Image Must Read Travel Blog

Written by a GGI named Sara, Mindful Travel is a collection of amazing travel photographs from around the world! One of her most popular posts also explores her 7 essential travel planning resources and tips.

Sara’s latest post is a feature she runs every Friday called Friday Pic! Turns out she’s been traveling to Helsinki and Tallinn – can’t wait to see more posts about this!

Follow Sara on Twitter as @MindfulTravel

Wander the Map

Image Must Read Travel Blog

According to the about section, if you love travel you are in the right place with this blog, and they were right! This blog is run by Jenna and her partner in crime Micah. Jenna does the writing and producing, and Micah does the photography and videography. They are a good team because they blog is now beautiful written and full of incredible, high-quality photos and videos.

One of their most recent posts covers a sunset cruise that they both recently went on. It is filled with lovely thoughts and amazing pictures to match it. Keep up with them for more great international stories, photos and videos.

Follow Jenna & Micah on Twitter as @WanderTheMap

Know of some must-read travel blogs that we should feature? Let us know about them by filling out this form and they could be featured in the upcoming weeks!


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