Your Questions


Your Questions

We are adding FAQs here bit by bit. If you have a question you can contact us directly below. We usually reply within 72 hours.

For local questions please contact your local community leaders directly (yu can find them as ‘admins’ in the member list inside your Facebook Group. Thank you!


We commit to creating happy, active, vibrant local communities which create accessible, welcoming opportunities offline and online to connect, share, support and make friends – a co-created community that listens to each other. We have over 200 Facebook groups and our policies apply to all Girl Gone International communities and Facebook groups and are the guidelines used by local community managers. 

Why was my post declined?

Is it an advert?
Is it self promo?
Is it a survey?
Does it include an external link?
Is it a for profit event?
Is it a sales post?
Is it a donation or gofundme link?
It is unrelated to GGI life?
Is it a common question which has been answered many times?

These are the most common reasons a post is not allowed on the wall.

GGI does not support posts created for the sole purpose of soliciting or promoting a business, service, brand, sale, product, or venue.

We are all about friendship and meaningful connection.

Read on if you would like to know more and be able to create a post that GGI members will love and engage with!

What kind of posts do you allow?

We ask our community managers, admins and moderators to think of this before accepting or declining a post:

Could it spark friendship?
Could it lead to meaningful connection for some of our GGI’s?
Could it improve the lives of some of our GGI’s?
Could it help someone feel a sense of belonging in the city?
Does it create conversation in the group?
Is is super helpful or really interesting info in your opinion?

How can I tell GGIs about my business?

We want to support all GGIs in their endeavours, side hustles, surveys, events, initiatives so we have pinned posts in the Announcement section of the group called SHOUTOUTS.

These are posts that allow all members to comment (once) on the post, to share with all members their link, advert, self promo, blog, survey, event etc.

My post looking for a job / apartment / doctor / hairdresser / employee was not accepted, why?

Depending on the size of the community, job searches, job offers, housing offers and requests may be allowed as stand alone posts. However, once the group reaches over a certain size or level of activity or is overrun with these kind of posts, the admin will likely only permit these kind of posts on the ‘Accommodation’ or ‘Jobs’ post, pinned in the Announcement section of the group (see the images below for examples of what to look out for).

This creates a much nicer experience for members of the group. If it is urgent or you think of benefit to the GGI community please feel free to reach out to your local community manager who will be happy to listen. All our decisions are based on Girl Gone International values and what is best for the community. 


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We hope this answered your question.

If not, feel free to contact us. Give us at least 72 hours to reply.