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Anne Scott

Anne Scott is originally from Scotland and now roams around the world. Anne is founder of Girl Gone International and dedicates her life to building, growing and scaling communities that empower and connect womxn locally and globally to change the world wherever they are. 

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Vianessa Castaños

Vianessa is a producer, actor and culture & lifestyle writer whose love of history and gastronomy has propelled her to travel the world...until she eventually landed at Girl Gone International where she serves as Deputy Editor.

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April Lane

April is a High School English & Drama teacher, a wannabe photographer, and an avid reader with a passion for travel. This combo spurred her love for travelling and teaching abroad from Canada to South Korea, to Canada again, and eventually to UAE where she presently resides. By good fortune, she found the Abu Dhabi Girl Gone International community where she seamlessly joined the team as both co-manager of the main group and the Book Club.