Recycling Urban Waste to Create Work for Women

It all started with Camille.  Camille is a mother of three living in a low-income community in Lagos, Nigeria. She runs a small store on her street. In the community where Camille lives - similar to communities where approximately 66% of Lagosians live - uncollected...



GGI March 2021 Issue


Single Life Abroad: Dating in Paris

When it comes to finding romance overseas, there's no denying that dating in Paris is something many travelers hope to experience. In Issue 4 of our GIRLGI magazine we talked to single women dating overseas. One of those women was Lily Heiss, a Canadian freelance...

How To Find a Job Overseas

Job searches are never without their difficulties, and if you're hoping to find a job overseas in another country the task can feel even more daunting. Not only do you have to deal with the built-in stress of job hunting itself, but you also have consider the...


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Liana Lozada


Liana Lozada‘s editorial work spans travel, wellness, events, and dining as seen on USA Today, BizBash, Refinery29, and Virgin Hotels. When she’s not writing editorial, Liana manages digital content, copywriting, production, and social media for clients under her company, Moxie & Meanderings, LLC. When she’s not working you can find her staying active, spending time with her dog, or staring at her fridge.

TRAVEL PICKS: cause we all miss it !

Letter From the Editor: Let’s Unpack Travel

Letter From the Editor: Let’s Unpack Travel

Dear Readers, Girl Gone International (GGI) is not a travel group. I know, you’re probably reeling after reading that statement, but let me explain. While it might be safe to assume that most of the women in GGI are travelers or have traveled at some point in their...

8 Practical Travel Tips To Reduce Your COVID-19 Risk

Oh COVID-19 (sigh)! To think that one little virus would change the world as we know it. Somehow it feels very much like the wartime stories I used to hear from my grandma — my 92-year-old, Indian grandmother who lived through the Second World War, the Indian...

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Getting behind the wheel (or jumping in the passenger seat) has always been one of the best ways to discover new and little-known places in your own backyard, but there are many people who have yet to experience the bittersweet joys of making emergency pit stops and running out of car snacks.

An Introduction to Eco-Tourism & Ethical Travel

So The way you decide to travel has a massive downstream effect on the local community, economy and environment, which is why eco-tourism and ethical travel are taking center stage. We talk to biologist Katie Lutz, a full-time biologist who explores the world every...

8 Tips for Female Solo Travel

Solo travel is often credited for being the catalyst for many GGI's decision to move abroad. But whether you intend to stay overseas long-term or are just looking to escape your daily routine for a while, when you go at it alone you need to be prepared for some...

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