sponsorship opportunities and brand partnerships


sponsorship opportunities and brand partnerships


Awarded by Facebook as 1 of 100 of the most meaningful communities on its platform 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Local and global, online meets offline, 500,000 members, 4000 in real life events per year, 1000 online events per year, 8 million organic social media reach per month, 1 million magazine readers.



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We are a powerful network, demographic and community that connects, represents and serves globally minded womxn around the world online and face to face via events, content, publications and social media.

Girl Gone International solves modern issues of social isolation, safety overseas, vulnerability abroad, lack of information due to language barriers, access to female friendship at different stages of life, integration into cultures, need for constant learning and personal development.

We are womxn with spending power, recommendation power, who seek out GGI as their destination for friendship, inspiration, new experiences, group travel, life advice and professional guidance.

Partnering with GGI gives your brand direct connection and exposure to powerful and fast converting potential customers within all lifestyle categories. 

“Our members, readers and followers have the spending power to impact your business.”

“Girl Gone International is the world’s largest community of women living abroad”

Facebook, 2017 

"An impressive and powerful partner to align our travel products and crowdfunding campaigns which have totalled millions since 2017."

Adrian Solgaard


"Girl Gone International is a shining tribute to the power of friendship."

Facebook, 2020

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Why work with GGI & how can we partner?

For 10 years Girl Gone International has been helping womxn navigate, shape and impact the world together via friendship, events, experiences and content.

Together we can empower, connect, mobilise, support, and reward womxn the world over and be a meaningFUL COMMUNITY.

  • Partnering with GGI allows your brand to align with GGI’s core values: female friendship, empowerment, adventure, authenticity, sustainability, intersectionality, fun and respect.
  • Your brand will reach a highly engaged, powerful niche community of womxn who are geographically mobile, globally and open minded, ambitious, who spend time and money on travel, personal development, social activities, education and experiences. 
  • GGI content is viewed on average 8 million times each month on social media; and sent out to over 48,000 inboxes.
  • A partnership with GGI showcases your brand’s commitment to empowering and elevating womxn across the world.
  • New untapped demographic : 112 million womxn live abroad, that would make us a demographic the size of Japan or Mexico. 
  • We sit at the crossroads between the $200 billion millennial travel market (The World Travel and Tourism Council) and $4 billion female friendship market (Forbes). 

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