The idea of finding a remote job that lets you work from home is being embraced by more and more people every day. Some come to the decision by necessity, while others simply desire to strike more of a balance between their personal and professional lives. But if searching for a job wasn’t stressful enough before a global pandemic, finding a job in the midst of COVID-19 can feel like an insurmountable hurdle. Fortunately many companies are hiring remote workers which means that you now have the opportunity to broaden the scope of your job search and maybe score the international job of your dreams…without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

To be clear, working from home is not easy, it requires a lot of discipline and organization. But with a few tweaks to your resume and a few suggestions on where to look, you can make the remote work trend work in your favor. Below we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best sites for finding freelance and remote work; all you have to do is click on the links we’ve provided and start your search!

Just keep an eye on the fine print and location of the hiring company; while some companies are open to hiring candidates globally, others still require that candidates hold the appropriate visa or work permit, even if the position is remote. When in doubt, always apply anyway and ask questions about eligibility in a follow up or at the start of the interview process.

1) AngelList

AngelList is the leading hiring platform for the global tech and startup industry. If you can dream up your dream role with a hot new startup, this is the place to look. And the best part is that most of the companies list their job openings as being remote – so you can be innovative from anywhere in the world.

2) Flexjobs

You’ll have to pay a fee to use this site’s services, but it’s worth the small investment! This site is all about finding flexible work – whether that’s part-time, freelance, or remote. The best part is that the site is well curated and monitored, so you’ll never run across a scam or fake job posting. They list jobs primarily in the USA. 

3) MediaBistro

This is a great job board for writers, editors, and other media professionals to find work publication and production work. The site features thousands of telecommute jobs and also offers some useful features like skill-building courses and career services. You can find job listings from many countries, with some recent gigs listed in Honk Kong, Bulgaria, and France.

4) Upwork

You either love Upwork or you hate it, there’s no middle ground. I personally hate it because the pay rates tend to be really low, but if you’re just starting out in your career it’s a good place to start. Though from what I hear it has gotten harder to get your profile approved.

5) Guru

Think of Guru as Upwork’s little cousin, but without the 20% free. This site lets you offer your services across a ton of industries including: legal services, architecture, web design sales, and so many more. Here you can find fixed price gigs and hourly jobs on a global scale.

6) Remoters

All of the jobs listed on Remoters are 100% remote, but the best part is that they list gigs from around the world. Some recent jobs include a Product Designer role for candidates based in Europe, and an SEO Specialist gig for those based in Australia.

7) We Work Remotely

Work Remotely boasts that they are the largest remote work community in the world with over 2.5M monthly visitors. Currently many of the jobs listed on the site require someone based somewhere in the Americas or Europe, but there are quite a few where your location doesn’t matter.

8) Fiverr

Fiverr is another service that has global reach. They even partnered with Remote Year to hire a ‘Chief Digital Nomad’ and they also acquired And.co, which is an amazing project tracking and invoicing software for freelancers.

9) Indeed

This site aggregates data from all over the internet to and puts job right in the palm of your hand. Make sure you use the keyword search function to narrow down your options for remote and freelance work. They list jobs in 63 countries, so just visit the appropriate site.

10) PowertoFly

We love anything that helps empower women, which is why we love PowertoFly – it’s an online community that aims to connect women tech workers to their dream jobs, whether they be in office, flexible, or remote.

Maybe you’re worried that a remote job doesn’t have longevity, but let me tell you, many work-from-home jobs can be full-time and even offer benefits! It’s all about knowing where to look. If you’re still developing your skills as a remote worker or are trying to figure out where to start, check out some other free resources like Hustle Juice and It’s a Travel O.D.

By Vianessa Castaños

Vianessa is a producer, actor and culture & lifestyle writer whose love of history and gastronomy has propelled her to travel the world…until she eventually landed at Girl Gone International where she serves as Deputy Editor.

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