Meet Sedia Bonsu, or Queen Diamond as she’s widely known. She’s currently a teacher by day and a serious twerker in her free time. She has been in Shanghai for almost 2 years and is from Virginia, USA.

She’s always loved dancing and twerking was always a normal part of her dance routines. She and her friends recently got serious about it after a trip to Thailand to watch a friend compete in a twerking competition. They came back to Shanghai inspired and decided to make their own twerking party and classes. 

Queen Diamond has been twerking seriously and professionally for five months and is bringing a whole new level of sexy to Shanghai.

When I heard about her class I decided to try it, although I had no idea what to expect. The class was held on a Monday evening in the basement of her apartment complex, in a dance room lined with mirrors. There were five of us in the class, and as we greeted each other I sensed that we all were excited yet a bit self-conscious about the moves we were about to do. To begin the class Queen Diamond chatted excitedly about the class and told us what she had planned, and her energy was infectious. She instructed us to face the mirror behind her and we would get warmed up. She warned us that we were about to sweat and work hard, but also have a great time.

The music started and we warmed up with some basic twerking moves and squats, with Queen Diamond encouraging us all the way. She wore only a white leotard which allowed us to see which parts of our booties and legs we should be moving. We were shown various twerking moves from standing, squatting, bending over, and upside down. As we went through the moves she smiled and shouted, “Touch yourself, you’re sexy! Feel sexy, you look amazing!” Her comments were hilarious and encouraging, and put us at ease.

After we learned five or six basic twerking styles we put them together and learned a short choreography. The dance was simple, sexy, and really fun. I have to admit, I was apprehensive to go to the class, but it was actually a blast. Queen Diamond was energetic and kind and her instructions were clear. She gave us breaks between learning the moves to jump around and do sexy moves, and reminded us that all bodies are twerking bodies.

A confidence boosting workout

I can’t speak for the others in the class, but it did make me feel sexy, confident, and wanting to learn more. She wasn’t lying when she said it would be a workout – I was sore the next day!

Because twerking is sexy, people have assumed Queen Diamond twerks for the pleasure of men. They couldn’t be more wrong. Queen Diamond dances and twerks simply because she enjoys it and that’s how she likes to express herself outwardly. Her goal for the class is to show people something they might not have been exposed to before and help women feel confident and sexy in their own skin. She likes the class because when women join, they let all their inhibitions go.

Her class is gaining momentum and attention. It’s once a week, usually Monday evenings around seven or eight, and costs 100RMB. She’s open to doing more classes if more people express interest.

If you would like to join her class and get your booty shaking, you can contact her directly on WeChat at ShanghaiSedia.

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By Rachel Sorenson

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