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Karen Kelly

I'm from Ireland and moved to Vallais in Switzerland. I like hiking, reading fiction fantasy, I have a creative streak and paint with water colours

Cristina Floroiu

An experimentalist of her own self.

Cat lover. Tarot reader. A sucker for the unusual.

Olha Lambina

🇶🇦CM for GGI Doha
👷🏻‍♀️Civil Engineer
🇺🇦Ukrainian in Qatar
📚Erasmus in Sweden, Italy, Romania

Sina Pape

I've lived in 5 countries and on 4 continents since I left Germany for the US when I was 18. I love languages and meeting

Trish McGovern

Hey I'm one of the GGI Global Community leaders and a Co-CM for Global and Galway.
I work as a data Analyst in

Rachael Todt

I'm an international educator & the CM for GGI Philadelphia, USA. I grew up in an international home, lived in 4 different countries (traveled in

Kelly Kelly

Hi Friends! I’m Kelly! Colorado born, have lived in San Diego and Now Italy. I’m a mountain girl who loves to travel, eat, drink, and

Alicia Stolsmark

I love traveling to new places, food and drinks with friends, building community with GGI, and I am always on the lookout for a lake

Desirée Viteri

GGI Quito Community Manager 🇪🇨
⚖️Ph.D.(c) Law
📚Msc Political Analysis
🌎Diplomacy & Int Relations/Political Sci/Lawyer
👩🏽‍🏫 Professor

Kathryn Kosmider

GGI Global Community Leader living in Madrid 🇪🇸

April Lane

I'm a HS English teacher, a book nerd, and love to travel. This lead me abroad (Canada, S. Korea, & UAE). I joined the team

Katalin Bencze

Hi, I´m the Global Online Event Coordinator and co-CM for Global and Oslo,Norway :)


I am the leader of the Athens Book Club since 2019-2021

Anh Tran

Left home when I was 14yo. Been traveling and painting since ❤️